Dealing with DMV Cases



A good DWI attorney will be able to help you get back your license after it has been suspended as a consequence of your conviction for a DWI violation.


When a police officer charges you with DWI violations, then he will conduct a blood or urine test on you.  After the blood or urine testing, if it shows that the alcohol levels in your body exceeds the allow limit, then the officer will take your results to the DMV and request for the suspension of your driving license.


The DMV will then notify you about this.  The first thing you need to do once you receive a notification of suspension is to immediately contact your DWI attorney to schedule a hearing with the DMV on your behalf.  After receiving the suspension notice, your lawyer only has 15 days to file a request for a hearing with the DMV.


If a police officer stops you after you have requested a hearing from the DMV, you may not have any temporary license in your possession.  The proper action of the officer is to release you if he checks on his computer and sees your request for hearing with the DMV.  However, if he issues you a ticket despite the hearing request, then you should call the attention of your DWI attorney like Danny Gloverwho can easily deal with this.  If you arrested for driving with a suspended license since the officer did not find any request on his computer, then you can ask your DWI attorney to file charges against the DMV for failure to inform the police of the hearing request.


DWI attorneys usually invited their clients to a pre-hearing conultation.  Your DWI lawyer will go through the police report and determine if you need to be present at the hearing or not.  There are many options that will be offered by the DWI attorney, whether to void the suspension or to go with it but get a work permit.  These are not the only options that you The Glover Law Firmattorney will discuss but much more and this is a one-on0one consultation conducted before the hearing with the DMV.


Until your guilt is established, insurance companies should not cancel coverage.  If you are convicted, then you will not be able to get insurance coverage or they will increase your monthly payment rates.


DWi cases also include driving under the influence of drugs.  There are many people arrested while driving high on drugs.  These charges are serious ones but you can still be defended by good DWI defense criminal attorney who has years of experience in this area of the law.

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